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I'm Janice, but some call me "JJ-FaB." I'll answer to either...I just wanna dance with somebody! Is that somebody YOU?

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Janice aka "JJ-FaB"

Meet Me


I am by no means a trained dancer - my parents wanted me to play sports, sports and more sports. But, I found myself glued to the TV watching the "Fly Girls" and I immediately fell in love with dance!  Now - the rest is history. 

I danced and cheered in high school and college, coached and choreographed for numerous elementary, middle and high school & college dance & cheer teams across the Bay Area. I was also fortunate to appear on Good Morning America, Wheel of Fortune and other local news stations showcasing my love for dance!

Fast forward to 2012, my college friend introduced me to a dance fitness format founded in San Jose, CA  by Susy C. & Matt Marks, called "U-Jam FitnessĀ®." I took my instructor live training after attending only 3 classes and my life has forever been blessed! I became a credentialed instructor in July 2012 and I now am blessed to not only teach U-Jam Fitness classes, but also be a member of the Jam KrU. This allows me the opportunity to share my passion for choreography and dance through presenting choreography in the instructor videos and breaking down choreography to the instructors at PhunkJams. 

Never in my wildest dreams did this tomboy ever think I would be here today. But, I'm here to help you along your journey of dance & fitness & promote the movement of Peace, Love, Unity & Acceptance. Won't you come dance with me? 

Rawkin' the stage at U-Jam's 4th anniversary party

"Gimme Dat" with the 707 Unity Instructors

Rawkin ' the stage at U-jam's 5th anniversary party (AP5)

Check out the 707 Unity Instructors jammin' to my 1st choreo for U-Jam - "Good Boy!"

Flashmob at 24 hour fitness - eastridge super sport

When your boss at 24 Hour Fitness asks you to coordinate a flashmob for a club grand opening, you make it happen! Shout out to all the U-Jammers and instructors who made this day so memorable.

San Jose Pride U-Jam Flashmob

When I was contacted by the organizers of the San Jose Pride Festival to do a flashmob, I knew it would be EPIC. After coordinating a few rehearsals with U-Jammers and instructors, this happened! It's one of my favorite flashmobs - can you spot me? (Yep, 3rd row in the denim). Such a FUN day as we celebrated Love, Diversity & Acceptance. 

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Dancin' With JJ-FaB